short list of the basic things you should know about the first response pregnancy tests in the market

There are a number of pregnancy tests available in the market. This differ in one way or the other when it comes to their level of sensitivity in detecting the HCG hormone. Highly sensitive home based pregnancy tests should be capable of detecting pregnancy as early as on the first day of a missed period. It should also have the ability to detect different forms of HCG the pregnancy hormone such as hcg-H. A good example of such is the First response pregnancy test. It is quite exceptional as it is the only home-based pregnancy test:

- FDA approved when it comes to early pregnancy detecting. This can even be done 6 days prior to the due date of your periods. It has up to 99 percent accuracy when testing is done from the day or after missed periods.

- It is also designed to identify all the different and relevant forms of hcg present in the urine all through pregnancy.

- It is highly user friendly due to the fact that interpreting the results is quite easy to the user. A positive result is shown by the presence of two lines while a single line portrays a negative result. 

- The results can be read within 3 minutes of testing. 

Facts about early testing:

As earlier stated, First response pregnancy kit is capable of early pregnancy detection with unmatched accuracy. This has been made possible due to the technology used in its production thereby enabling it detect low levels of hcg. In order for you to confirm your pregnancy status much earlier on, you need to make use of highly sensitive pregnancy test kits such as First response. However, it is important to note that the levels of hcg present in the urine usually vary from one woman to another. This usually increases with the progression of the pregnancy.

When performing lab tests, First response was capable of identifying the pregnancy hormone in 76 percent of pregnant women five days prior to the due date of their monthly periods, 96 percent of women four days prior to the expected date of their period while 99 percent of women got accurate pregnancy results in three, two and a day prior to the due date of their period. 

Importance of an early pregnancy test:

- The initial weeks of pregnancy are highly important when it comes to proper fetal development. Therefore the earlier you start receiving prenatal care the better as it contributes towards the healthy development of the baby. 

- All these can be achieved through early pregnancy testing since the sooner you get to verify on your statues the sooner you make healthy choices for both you and your baby. These includes: nutrition, diet and staying within a healthy environment. 


Other than its high accuracy levels, First response is also readily available in grocery and drug stores as well as other retailers. This makes it easy for women to access it from wherever they are and at an affordable price. As earlier stated, the earlier you get to know your pregnancy statues the better for you and your baby.